The Patent Practitioner


Although I’m in law school studying patent law, I’ve always had an interest in defective product cases. The consumer and manufacturer have an unspoken and legal sense of trust between each other. In a weird sense, many people have long-term relationships with their favorite brands/products. 


For instance, if Oreos are your favorite brand of cookies, you trust that brand, whether you realize it or not. Since birth, many people eat, use, and support the same brands. Some people even use the same brands from the cradle to the grave. I could say something witty or poetic about our product obsessive society, but I’m no English major. 

Anyway, no matter who you are, you trust at least one manufacturer to supply you with the goods and or services you need. The sheer idea of spending your hard-earned cash on a product that not only doesn’t work as advertised, but also injures you, is infuriating. Whether you buy a video game or a new car, the feeling of being ripped off is not a good one.

I’ve read about countless cases where children were injured because of defective products. If that wasn’t bad enough, the amount of effort that insurance companies put into avoiding blame is disturbing. One day I was sharing my interest in defective product cases with my professor and he suggested that I blog about the information I find. 

While I’m not an expert by any means, I can help inform various people about defective product cases. I honestly hope this blog can help people realize their rights as consumers whenever they purchase a product. I’m also hoping that the content on this site will encourage people to open up and share their experiences. 


It’s bad enough that advertising companies oversell their products, but it’s even worse when the product you purchase injures you or your loved ones. So treat this blog as an outpost for all your defective product case information and stories!